We can’t be satisfied

A beautiful piece to reflect on in the midst of Lent 🙂


It’s simple.

We can’t be satisfied.

We drink water. And get thirsty. So, we drink more.

We eat breakfast. And get hungry. So, we eat lunch. And dinner. (And two desserts.)

We work hard. We work hard today, and then we work more tomorrow. And the next day.

We get a promotion. Then we want another one, to be another step up.

We make money. Yet we always need more.

We drink. Excessively. But when we sober up, the void is still there. So we drink more.

We think sex is going to satisfy us. Then, we just want more and more.

In middle school, we just want high school. In high school, we just want college. In college, we just want a day job. Then, we just want marriage. And then, kids. We can’t be content in the season we are in.

We have clothes. And shoes. And purses…

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