Library of Lectures & Podcasts

There are hardly words strong enough to describe the impact that podcasts have had on my life thus far. Their daily companionship on walks, jogs, and drives began about three years ago with the Taylor Marshall Show (thank you mum) and EconTalk, and the intake has been steady ever since.

There are three talks in particular that turned my world upside-down, setting me on paths I never imagined:

Good, True, and Beautiful: C.S. Lewis (Peter Kreeft),

Michael Matheson Miller on Poverty, Inc. (EconTalk), and

Cattle Prod (Fr. Mike Schmitz).

Paralleling my book recommendations page, this list will be cleaved into “The Professional,” “The Profound,” and “The Pleasing.” Make of them what you will. I give you my smiling, solemn word that this is will be time well spent.

The Professional

  1. EconTalk
  2. Intelligence Squared
  3. London School of Economics Public Lectures
  4. American Enterprise Institute’s Banter
  5. Acton Institute’s Radio Free Acton

The Profound

  1. Fr. Mike’s homilies
  2. Peter Kreeft’s lectures
  3. Catholic Information Center
  4. Do Something Beautiful
  5. Creighton’s Catholic Comments

The Pleasing

  1. On Being
  2. Stuff You Should Know